Northern Sage Recovery: Immerse yourself in the theraputic notes of Sage, Menthol, Pine and Coriander Seed. Great for muscle recovery and congestion relief. 

Charcoal Garden Detox: Relax in this detoxifying and cleansing soak with hints of lavender, basil, rose and skin softening coconut milk. 

Eucalyptus Apothecary: This soak will leave your whole body in a complete euphoria with aroma of eucalyptus, tea tree, pine and wintergreen. 

Sea Kelp & Serenity: Melt into this dreamy crush while the sweet scents of bergamont, lavender and shea butter hydrate and restore your skin. 

Ancient Oat Hydration: Enjoy the sweet aromas of vanilla, chamomile, lemongrass and lavender while colloidal oatmeal nourishes your skin. 



Bathorium Crush Soak